Features of 99LMS - Learning Management System

99LMS is the best LMS for entrance coaching centres, schools, colleges, training institutions, and companies in India. Let’s see what features make it the best.
Candidate / Employee Registration

Single / Bulk registration of the candidates / employees

Teacher / Mentor / Tutor Registration

Teacher / Mentor / Tutor registration will be done easily with their email id.

Parent Registration

Access will be provided to parents to know their child’s academic progress.

Manage batches / Divisions Intellectually

Our LMS for entrance coaching centres & schools will be helpful to manage batches / divisions.You can assign courses, add/remove students to batches.

Course Management

Structured way of creating courses and you can easily edit, remove or duplicate it.

Resource / Study Materials Management

Easy to create and manage study materials in many formats such as documents, videos, slides, questions, exams, fill in the blanks, match the following etc.

Assessment Tools & Exams

Assessment tools like time-bound exams, fill in the blanks, match the following, multiple choice questions, one word will be helpful for continuous evaluation of students. All multiple choice questions will be automatically evaluated.

Conduct Live Virtual Classes Online

Live classes through video conferencing for direct interaction and doubt clearance with a class recording option.

Advanced Assessment Reports

Automatic generation of reports like student wise / employee wise, course wise and batch wise

Download Certificates

Teachers can download and print certificates of each student upon their course completion

Track attendance

Recording and tracking of attendance will be easy through online.

Self Assessment for students

Students can track their status of assignments,course progress, and check the results of online tests.